Animal Climate Action

Rhineland 2017

Animal Production means: climate change, depletion, exploitation

  • Rhineland Action Days
  • Connecting Movements Camp – 18th to 23rd of august
  • Bicycle Demonstration – 24th of august

Animal production – a multi-dimensional misery

Global agriculture is responsible for roughly one third of global greenhouse gas emissions, including the ecologically and socially highly problematic land usage changes. Animal production accounts for the majority of these emissions, while its contribution to world food security is relatively small. Additionally, animal products benefit mostly the wealthy world population. The animal products are purchased with a loss of biodiversity, extremely exploitative working conditions even in the industrialized global north and not least through the exploitation of non-human animals: billions of terrestrial and trillions aquatic animals fall victim to animal production.

Global climate justice requires ending animal production – climate resistance through actions against animal production! Come to our workshops and demonstration!

Bicycle demonstration

Within the context of the Rhineland Action Days, we want to learn about the climate-destroying impacts of animal production and the places where climate change is proliferated through animal production with a bicycle demonstration. In the Rhineland – as everywhere in Germany and all over the world -, animal feeding operations and slaughterhouses are ubiquitous, but they are generally invisible to the public eye. We make them visible and address the consequences of animal production for the climate. At the same time, we show how resistance against animal production can look like and where it already takes place.

Bring your bicycles! People with individual needs are invited to approach us beforehand.

Rhineland Action days

During the Rhineland Action Days from 24th to 29th of august, diverse actors will show that resistance against climate change is multi-faceted: local initiatives, multiple climate camps, environmental organizations, libertarian affinity groups and climate activists from all over Europe will initiate the immediate phase-out of coal and other climate-damaging industries. During the Rhineland Action Days, several camps invite to connect, exchange and get together for the various actions. We will participate in the Connecting Movements Camp as part of the Barrio for Food Sovereignty. From 18th to 23rd of august, we will discuss the impacts of animal production on climate – especially its importance for the climate justice movement and potential forms of actions and resistance – in workshops and talks.

— Animal Climate Action —