Animal Climate Action

16. November 2022
by WaschbärIn

Dissolution of Animal Climate Action

Dear comrades*, dear friends*,

We are writing to you today with the news that we have disbanded as „Animal Climate Action“.

We are looking back on 7 years in which a lot has happened both with us and in the climate justice movement. With numerous creative and direct actions as well as demonstrations, we have publicly drawn attention to the immense greenhouse gas emissions from animal production and stood in the way of the meat and dairy industry. With information events and participation in conferences we have informed and discussed with you. We have participated in (climate) camps and worked closely together with many different groups and carried out joint actions. In particular, we look back to the Climate and Justice Games 2018 in Hannover on the occasion of the EuroTier trade fair, to the action conference from which the alliance „Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie“ (Together against the animal industry) emerged, and last but not least to the conference about „Emissions, Property and Nutrition” last year.

With this statement we would like to look back and say goodbye, but also thank you very much! For the good cooperation, for the nice moments and stimulating discussions!

It is a farewell to AniCA, but we are by no means saying goodbye completely, because we will remain connected and active in the climate justice movement, in the animal liberation movement and in other justice struggles. Some of us are also active in „Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie“, because the alliance is very close to us politically and in terms of content. We are very happy that so many people are active in the intersection of climate justice, labor rights and animal liberation and if you want to get active in this direction we can highly recommend the alliance 😉

We have learned a lot in the years at AniCA and have collected a lot of infrastructure, which we are happy to pass on. We can share our experiences from organizing the Climate and Justice Games and various conferences with you.

To do so, write to us at ( We will be checking this email address for a while, possibly irregularly.

See you at the next camp/action/meeting!

Your activists from Animal Climate Action

31. March 2020
by Möwe

For borderless solidarity – evacuate the camps now! #LeaveNoOneBehind

Hereby we, groups from the climate justice movement, demand a relaunch of the european approach to asylum- and migration-policy and therefore join the campaign by the German sea rescue organization “Seebrücke” calling in on the day of action for the evacuation of the greek camps taking place on the 5th of April – #LeaveNoOneBehind

In times of the corona virus all of society agrees, that especially weakened and vulnerable people have to be protected from getting infected. Those people, who have been forced to live under inhumane conditions in the different refugee camps at the european borders for months or even years, are often forgotten. On the Aegean islands alone around 40.000 people are holding out, many of them in overcrowded camps such as Moria, which are most likely to become hotspots for the spreading virus. A recent press release from „doctors without borders“ stresses the risk of a fast and unprecdictable spread of the corona virus between the inhabitants of the camps on the islands due to miserable hygiene conditions and highly restricted medical treatment.

Based on the medical expertise of „Doctors without borders“ we demand to evacuate the refugee camps immediately to ensure an adequate accommodation for all inhabitants. Given the declaration by 140 local authorities concerning not only capacity but also the explicit readiness to provide accomodation for refugees, the widely repeated argument of european governments referring to a „lack of capacity“ for taking in refugees is considered to be irrelevant for futher discussions.

The dramatic situation on Lesvos and at the Turkish-Greek borderline are only the tip of the iceberg of a failed asylum- and migration-policy by the European Union. For years authorities have been arguing about a european distribution mechanism and despite the highly insecure situation of asylum seekers in Turkey the European Union are refusing to renounce the refugee agreement between Turkey and the EU countries.

Increasing numbers of deportation and forced “voluntary departures“, give proof that Turkey is not a safe country for refugees at the current state. On top of the already miserable situation, Greek declared to suspend the right of asylum for a whole month becoming effective at the beginning of March. This delevopment in political action underlines the preference of deportation in contrast to finding a solidary resolution to care for people in need of asylum.

Therefore we strongly demand a new political foundation for migration and asylum involving all member countries of the European Union, including the renunciation of the Dublin Regulation in the first place, in order to re-establish justice in the matter of the protection of the human rights of refugees and an equitable solution for the EU as a whole.The mass mortality at the European external borders has to stop!

Based on the urgent call by charities and voluntary initiatives such as medico international, Seebrücke, borderline.europe, Pro Asyl – just to name a few – we demand:

  • The Immediate evacuation of the EU refugee camps on the Greek islands
  • The welcoming of the 20’000 refugees in solidary cities
  • Effective safety precautions against the Corona pandemic for refugees, no matter where
  • Permission for local authorities in solidarity to accomodate asylum seekers
  • The annullation of the EU – Turkey deal on asylum policies
  • A relaunch in migration policy and foreign affairs based on human rights ensuring secure and legal escape routes from conflict areas

17. December 2019
by Möwe

Participation Newsletter of the Action Alliance “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie”

Dear friends,

here comes the first participation newsletter of “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie”!

Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie

We, “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie” (Together Against the Animal Industry), are a cross-movement, supra-regional alliance, founded in July 2019. Together we stand up for the end of animal industry! We are convinced that we must become active in order to initiate a social process, since corporations and governments will not do the necessary changes! We need an agricultural shift towards production and organisation based on solidarity and ecology, which is not at the expense of others and not profit-oriented!

Since July, we have been meeting regularly in various cities. The end of November we met in Hanover. Among other things we named the alliance “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie” (Together Against the Animal Industry). We also have a Website now:

Preparations are also progressing with regard to our planned action: under the motto “PHW ade!” (Farewell PHW) we are going to Rechterfeld in Niedersachsen, where the PHW Group has its headquarters. Action and camp will take place from from 13th to 20th June 2020. PHW with its brands Wiesenhof, Bruzzzler and co. is the largest German poultry breeder and processor and a central player in the German animal industry. In Rechterfeld, many different and important production areas of PHW are located in a very small space: the main headquarters, a large hatchery, a feed plant as well as several mast plants!

Join Us!

Preparing such a protest camp and a mass action means a lot of work! We are many committed people, but we are still dependent on further support. Are you familiar with social media, would you like to organise information events, are you familiar with camp logistics or are you well connected in the Oldenburger Münsterland? Even if you can’t really imagine which tasks you could be capable of, but you simply want to participate, then get in touch with us:!

Our next alliance meeting: January 10th – 12th in Berlin

Our next alliance meeting will take place from 10-12 January in Berlin! We are looking forward to new faces.

Here are the dates for the program of the meeting:
– Friday: For new people there will be an introduction at 7pm. There will also be dinner together in the evening. – Saturday: On Saturday the meeting starts at 9 am and lasts the whole day – with breaks, delicious food and a nice evening program. – Sunday: the meeting ends on Sunday at about 1pm. Afterwards we have lunch and clean up together.

If you are interested, please contact us by mail, then we will send you all further information:

News about PHW

As if there weren’t already enough occasions to take action against PHW, we received the following message from the citizens’ initiative “KW stinkt’s” from Königs-Wusterhausen near Berlin:

Dear opponents of mass animal husbandry in Brandenburg,

in a nutshell: In November 2019, it became known that Wiesenhof had again submitted an application for an increase in capacity at the Wiesenhof slaughterhouse in Niederlehme (Königs Wusterhausen) to the Landesumweltamt in Brandenburg. The LfU had already approved the expansion to 160,000 animals in November last year (2018). Now it is about 230,000 animals per day (!).

The citizens’ initiative “KW stinkt’s” wants to fight against this. A whole network of supporters from animal rights initiatives, environmental organisations and individuals came togehter. The ongoing contradiction against the first expansion and the litigation in court is a huge financial challenge for the citizens´ initiative and the active members. The CI cannot pay for the costs alone. The prospects of stopping Wiesenhof in court are good. However, CI, NABU Brandenburg and the lawyer will only be able to continue the current opposition proceedings and plan further steps if sufficient donations are collected now.

Further information to their campaign:

We stand with solidarity together with “KW stinkt’s” and all other citizens initiatives that stand up against PHW and the animal industry!

Our donation account

Since the costs for camp and action are quite high, we need support from the movement. Thank you very much!

Account: Spenden und Aktionen
Subject “PHW ade” (important!)
IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06
Financial institution: Volksbank Mittelhessen

Our newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter by sending an e-mail to with subject “subscribe aktionscamp-tierindustrie-2020”.


Here are some dates, where you can get to know us:

10-12 January, Berlin: Alliance meeting (

12. January, Berlin: joint banner painting day for the demo Wir Haben Es Satt (

14 January, Diepholz: Lecture by reverend Kossen on working conditions in the animal industry, series of events climate and sustainability Diepholz (

January 18, Berlin: Demo Wir haben es satt (

25 January, Bochum: Tierbefreiungstag (

In solidarity,
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie

13. November 2019
by Möwe

Save the Date: Mass action against the animal industry in early summer 2020!

After an action conference in July 2019, a broad alliance against the animal industry formed from groups and individuals of the food sovereignty, climate justice and animal rights/animal liberation movements.

After several follow-up meetings, our target for the action has now been set: we will organize a protest camp in Lower Saxony in early summer 2020. We want to come together across movements and tackle a main actor of the German animal industry with a diverse mass action against: PHW with its brands Wiesenhof and Bruzzzler.

Together we want to go where we can hit the animal industry hardest!
We want to go where climate change is happening!
We want to bring the profiteers of climate change, animal suffering and exploitation to justice!
System Change not Climate Change – Climate justice now! By2020WeRiseUp!

We want to ally – join us! Together we stop PHW and the animal industry!

We are a supra-regional alliance and organize ourselves in topic-related working groups. Every five weeks we meet in another city for an open alliance meeting, where new groups and individuals are welcome to participate. The next alliance meeting takes place in Hanover, Lower Saxony, on November 30th and December 1st (thereafter January 11th and 12th, and February 15th and 16th).

If you are interested, send us an e-mail:

Publish this call on your mailing lists, forward it to other potentially interested groups or share it in messenger channels and on social media!

Further information will follow.

3. September 2019
by Möwe

FreeTheSoil: Agriculture & Climate-Justice Camp and Mass Action of Civil Disobedience

In a few weeks, the Agriculture & Climate-Justice Camp in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg starts. AniCA is participating and supports FreeTheSoil (Solidarity call-out).


From 19th to 21st September there will be a diverse program packed with workshops, talks and discussions. On the days thereafter, there will be a mass action of civil disobedience against the chemical fertilizer company YARA.


More information on how to get there:

31. July 2019
by Möwe

Report from our action conference

From 12th to 14th July 2019, an action conference against animal production took place in Hanover / Germany. Together, we (Animal Climate Action – AniCA) wanted to continue intersectional and anti-capitalist struggles against the animal industry with other activists. This text should serve as a first report. After a period of reflection, we will publish a more detailed evaluation of the action conference.

In recent years, a broad resistance against the animal industry has formed, supported by many actors. With the action conference, we wanted to develop common forms of action with which we could hit the animal industry even more sensitively. Our self-declared goal at the action conference was to initiate a major mobilisation for political action against the animal industry next year – 2020.

More than 100 participants followd our call – which definitely exceeded our expectations! Activists from various movements followed our call, including the Climate Justice Movement, the Food Sovereignty Movement, and the Animal Rights and Animal Liberation Movement.

The conference began on Friday afternoon and lasted until Sunday afternoon. After getting to know each other, the first step was a presentation of the different ideas for action, which were submitted in advance by participants. Subsequently, small group and plenary discussions took place, mood pictures were obtained and the possible framework for action was thus concretized further and further.

To make a long story short: We have an action alliance against animal industry!
A consensus for a rough action concept was reached on Sunday morning; the participants felt both relief and zest for action at the same time. Before the conference ended, we were able to get together for the first working groups, distribute tasks and arrange a next meeting.

For the action alliance the actual preparation begins now – further information to the planned action will surely follow! Many thanks to all who participated!

28. June 2019
by Möwe

In two weeks: Action Conference against Animal Production in Hanover!

Action Conference against Animal Production – Building an Alliance for a Major Mobilisation for Protests against Animal Production in 2020

July 12th – 14th 2019 (Friday – Sunday) in Hanover, Germany

In two weeks the action conference against animal production will take place in Hanover! We want to consult with you to plan a big mobilization for actions against animal production next year, 2020. #By2020WeRiseUp

Many groups and individuals have already registered. Preparations are in full swing, the program is largely complete and a number of action concepts have already been submitted. We are excited!

We want to take up momentum! We want to ally ourselves! We want to hit animal production directly sensitive! Come to our action conference and plan a big action in 2020 with us!

Further information can be found here:

28. March 2019
by Möwe

Save the Date – Action Conference against Animal Production from July 12th to 14th 2019

Following the Climate & Justice Games ( at the fare EuroTier in Hannover, we would like to continue intersectional anti-capitalist struggles against the animal industry together with others.

This year we therefore want to consult with others in order to plan a major mobilization for protests against animal production in the next year – 2020. Whether mass actions or action days; whether sit-ins of feed ports, creative protest against the EuroTier, occupations of lobby centres or disturbances of slaughterhouses or dairies – we want to discuss this together with you in an action conference!

Our invitation goes out to initiatives and individuals who have an interest in getting in the way of the practices of animal production. We would like to invite citizens’ initiatives, activists of the climate justice movement, the animal rights and animal liberation movement, trade unions and agricultural associations to join us in disturbing animal production sensitively.

We want to take up momentum! We want to ally ourselves! We want to hit animal production directly sensitively! Come to our action conference and plan a big action in 2020 with us!

If you want to participate in the organization, please contact us. A detailed call follows.

Time and location:

  • July 12th – 14th 2019 (Friday – Sunday)
  • Hannover, Germany

12. December 2018
by Möwe
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By 2020 We Rise Up: Start of the European campaign

The European campaign By 2020 We Rise Up has started on December 08. It aims organising a massive collective uprising for climate justice and system change in 2020. Animal Climate Action supports the campaign!

More information:

On December 8, activists groups all over the world will be ringing a climate alarm. We have chosen this date to mark the beginning of an uprising for climate justice [].

With extreme weather events wrecking havoc across the globe, and while politicians and corporations perpetuate business as normal at COP24 in Katowice, we have no time to wait. It is up to us to solve the climate crisis.

The plan: Throughout 2019 we will mobilize increasing numbers of people to put their bodies in front of the machinery causing the destruction. We will take action targeting the infrastructure and companies; the political and financial institutions at the root cause of the crisis. Collectively we will bring about the radical changes that our society needs in order to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.

At the the Climate Justice Action (CJA) network meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic (17-19 Nov),
 groups from all over Europe decided to connect their struggles – against gas pipelines, 
coal mines, industrial agriculture, airport expansions and social injustices.

From December 8 onwards, we will rise up together, building momentum throughout 2019, to organise a massive collective uprising for climate justice and system change in 2020.


Read our call out [] and our vision [ ]

17. November 2018
by Möwe

Fighting together for global climate justice

Today our solidarity goes out to the Climate Justice Action meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic. If we weren’t organizing and participating in the Climate & Justice Games we would definitively be there too.

The Climate & Justice Games are an event for decentral actions protesting climate change and injustice. The occasion is the EuroTier – one of the biggest animal farming fairs in the world. This week we are aiming to remind everybody that animal production is one of the major factors for climate change and that both animal production and climate change are a bottomless cause for destruction and harm.

In the future we will carry on connecting the struggle for climate justice with the struggle against animal prduction. We are looking forward to engaging in the Turning the Tide campaign and are excited for the output of this week’s CJA-meeting.

We hope to see you soon: In climate camps, federal meetings, during protest or at the next Climate & Justice Games!

Standing united for grassroot climate movements all over the word!

Call for action: