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Workshop at the alternative climate summit in Bonn


On Monday, the 6th of November, we will give a workshop with the title „Stop animal production, save the climate“ on the alternative climate summit „People’s Climate Summit“ in Bonn. The workshop will take place 9:30am to 12pm in the „Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn“ (Ahrstraße 45).

A description of our workshop is following:

Stop animal production, save the climate!

The global agriculture is responsible for up to one third of the global
greenhouse gas emissions and additionally has multiple effects on
further planetary limits such as land use, biodiversity and the nitrogen
cycle. This also leads to the climate change being more dramatic and its
consequences to be harder to damp. The animal production has a large
contribution to that, whereas it has a very small contribution to
feeding the world, in fact only the wealthy population benefits from it.
The production is bought with the devastation of whole areas, extremely
exploitative work situations also in the industrialized north and not to
forget the exploitation of feeling and sensitive animals: billions of
land mammals and trillions of water animals are victims if the animal
production every year.


Part from the call of the People’s Climate Summit

Climate justice needs us all. That means you, too.

In November 2017, thousands of delegates and climate justice activists
from all over the world will be traveling to Bonn for the 23rd UN
Climate Change Conference (COP23). The COP23 presidency is held by Fiji,
an island state whose very existence is threatened by climate change.
The logistics of the conference are being handled by Germany, whose
hypocrisy in climate matters is coming in for increasing criticism: it
mines and burns more lignite than any other country in the world, and
emissions from road traffic have not gone down at all since 1990. This
is a unique opportunity for us to speak out for climate justice, so we
warmly invite you to the People’s Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany, from
November 3 to 7.
The People’s Climate Summit will be a place of encounter and
inspiration. People from a wide range of movements will be coming
together to network, learn from one another, and empower each other.


Complete call:

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