Animal Climate Action

Report from our action conference


From 12th to 14th July 2019, an action conference against animal production took place in Hanover / Germany. Together, we (Animal Climate Action – AniCA) wanted to continue intersectional and anti-capitalist struggles against the animal industry with other activists. This text should serve as a first report. After a period of reflection, we will publish a more detailed evaluation of the action conference.

In recent years, a broad resistance against the animal industry has formed, supported by many actors. With the action conference, we wanted to develop common forms of action with which we could hit the animal industry even more sensitively. Our self-declared goal at the action conference was to initiate a major mobilisation for political action against the animal industry next year – 2020.

More than 100 participants followd our call – which definitely exceeded our expectations! Activists from various movements followed our call, including the Climate Justice Movement, the Food Sovereignty Movement, and the Animal Rights and Animal Liberation Movement.

The conference began on Friday afternoon and lasted until Sunday afternoon. After getting to know each other, the first step was a presentation of the different ideas for action, which were submitted in advance by participants. Subsequently, small group and plenary discussions took place, mood pictures were obtained and the possible framework for action was thus concretized further and further.

To make a long story short: We have an action alliance against animal industry!
A consensus for a rough action concept was reached on Sunday morning; the participants felt both relief and zest for action at the same time. Before the conference ended, we were able to get together for the first working groups, distribute tasks and arrange a next meeting.

For the action alliance the actual preparation begins now – further information to the planned action will surely follow! Many thanks to all who participated!

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