Animal Climate Action

Dissolution of Animal Climate Action


Dear comrades*, dear friends*,

We are writing to you today with the news that we have disbanded as „Animal Climate Action“.

We are looking back on 7 years in which a lot has happened both with us and in the climate justice movement. With numerous creative and direct actions as well as demonstrations, we have publicly drawn attention to the immense greenhouse gas emissions from animal production and stood in the way of the meat and dairy industry. With information events and participation in conferences we have informed and discussed with you. We have participated in (climate) camps and worked closely together with many different groups and carried out joint actions. In particular, we look back to the Climate and Justice Games 2018 in Hannover on the occasion of the EuroTier trade fair, to the action conference from which the alliance „Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie“ (Together against the animal industry) emerged, and last but not least to the conference about „Emissions, Property and Nutrition” last year.

With this statement we would like to look back and say goodbye, but also thank you very much! For the good cooperation, for the nice moments and stimulating discussions!

It is a farewell to AniCA, but we are by no means saying goodbye completely, because we will remain connected and active in the climate justice movement, in the animal liberation movement and in other justice struggles. Some of us are also active in „Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie“, because the alliance is very close to us politically and in terms of content. We are very happy that so many people are active in the intersection of climate justice, labor rights and animal liberation and if you want to get active in this direction we can highly recommend the alliance 😉

We have learned a lot in the years at AniCA and have collected a lot of infrastructure, which we are happy to pass on. We can share our experiences from organizing the Climate and Justice Games and various conferences with you.

To do so, write to us at ( We will be checking this email address for a while, possibly irregularly.

See you at the next camp/action/meeting!

Your activists from Animal Climate Action

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