Animal Climate Action

Gemeinsamer Kampf für Klimagerechtigkeit

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Unsere Grußbotschaft zum Treffen des Netzwerks Climate Justice Action, das parallel zu unseren Climate & Justice Games in Tschechien stattfindet:

Today our solidarity goes out to the Climate Justice Action meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic. If we weren’t organizing and participating in the Climate & Justice Games we would definitively be there too.

The Climate & Justice Games are an event for decentral actions protesting climate change and injustice. The occasion is the EuroTier – one of the biggest animal farming fairs in the world. This week we are aiming to remind everybody that animal production is one of the major factors for climate change and that both animal production and climate change are a bottomless cause for destruction and harm.

In the future we will carry on connecting the struggle for climate justice with the struggle against animal prduction. We are looking forward to engaging in the Turning the Tide campaign and are excited for the output of this week’s CJA-meeting.

We hope to see you soon: In climate camps, federal meetings, during protest or at the next Climate & Justice Games!

Standing united for grassroot climate movements all over the word!

Call for action:

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